Types of travel insurance

If you take out travel insurance in the Netherlands, you can usually choose between different travel insurance policies. Which type of travel insurance fits best in your situation? You can find an answer to this question on this page. It goes without saying that you also want to know what exactly is insured. This page contains a description of items that are reimbursed with a basic cover.

Types of travel insurance

There are different types of travel insurance policies that offer basic packages. The most suitable policy for you depends on what you want to use the travel insurance for. To answer the question if it is more advantageous to take out short term period travel insurance or annual travel insurance: it can generally be said that if you go on vacation longer than 21 days or more than 3 times a year, annual travel insurance is probably cheaper.

Annual travel insurance

When you often go on holiday for a long time and also like to make weekend trips, it is wise to take out annual travel insurance. With annual travel insurance, you are insured abroad all year round. If you travel more often, this is the cheapest option. An extra advantage is that you do not have to think about taking out travel insurance every trip. Read more about the annual travel insurance.

Globetrotter travel insurance

Do you have plans to study abroad for a longer period of time or do an internship? Then it might be interesting to take out Globetrotter travel insurance. You can also take out Globetrotter travel insurance if you want to make a world trip. A Globetrotter travel insurance is usually a smart choice if you spend more than 3 months abroad, with a maximum of 1 or 2 years, depending on the insurance policy. Liability and legal assistance are often included in Globetrotter travel insurance, in addition to the matters that are insured by the basic cover of travel insurance. More information about the Globetrotter insurance.

Short term period travel insurance

This insurance is also known as expiring travel insurance or temporary travel insurance. You take out short term period travel insurance only for the period that you are on holiday or travelling. The insurance starts at the moment that your journey starts and ends at the time that has been agreed in advance or when you return home earlier. Taking out short term period travel insurance requires very little effort. You can do so just before you travel. You can even briefly take out short term period student travel insurance at Schiphol Airport before boarding the plane. This can often be done by telephone or via the internet. More information about the coverage of a short term period travel insurance.

Basic coverage of travel insurance

With the basic cover of travel insurance you are usually insured against unexpected events, such as an accident, car breakdown and theft or loss of items that you have taken with you during your holiday. The general travel insurance covers:


Usually, damage, theft or loss of your luggage falls within the basic cover of student travel insurance. It is a good idea to keep the purchase receipts and report any accidents to the local police after a theft. You can’t report these accidents to the police in the country where you took out the travel insurance. The insurer might ask for this police report if you make a request for reimbursement.

Damage to your holiday accommodation:

If you cause damage to the accommodation where you are staying due to an accident, this damage then is covered.

Replacement stay or transport:

If you have extra costs for a replacement stay or transport, due to an accident or illness, you will receive a certain reimbursement. This reimbursement varies per policy.

Assistance and medical costs:

In addition to a health insurance policy, travel insurance covers medical costs such as patient transport, shipment of medicines and transport of the deceased and the family of the deceased.

Telephone costs:

If you have extra telephone costs due to an accident, this is covered by the basic coverage of travel insurance. The coverage of travel insurance can vary per insurer. It is therefore important that you compare the policy conditions of the insurers with each other. Matters such as world coverage, legal aid, winter sports and dangerous sports often do not fall within the basic cover of travel insurance. For these matters you can often take out supplementary travel insurance.

Own risk

A student travel insurance often has a deductible for a number of items within the basic cover. This deductible applies to, among other things, medical costs, damage caused to your holiday accommodation and damage, theft or loss of your luggage. The level of the deductible varies per insurer but is on average between € 50 and € 100.