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Univé is one of the largest health insurance companies in the Netherlands. It is a non-profit cooperative organization. Univé has no profit motive can be seen in the services and products that Univé offers. When you become a new customer at Univé, you can get an extra discount on your premium.

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Unive Health Insurance 2024

Unive health insurance premium overview from past years

Health insurer Univé health insurance premium overview
Year Refund Nature Budget
2024 € 160,15 € 147,30 € 138,95
2023 €155.15 €142.30 €127.45
2022 €143.89 €133.00 €114.90
2021 €133.42 €124.74 €110.90
2020 €127.89 €119.95 €107.95
2019 €126.00 €120.95 €105.85
2018 €121.25 €116.50 €100.95
2017 €117.25 €113.25 €98.75
2016 €112.00 €107.00 €89.95
2015 €112.00 €107.00 €85.00
2014 €99.95 €95.95
2013 €111.95 €107.95
2012 € 112.25 €108.25
2011 €109.95 €105.75

Advantages Unive for students

  • Discount if you have multiple insurance policies with Univé;
  • No profit motive: quality takes precedence over making money at Univé.

Disadvantages of Unive for students

  • Invoices are sometimes paid late;

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Supplementary health insurance

When you choose the ‘Unive Select’ budget policy, you can choose from various ‘separate’ additional packages. For example, you can choose to insure additional physiotherapy or alternative medicine.

Medical costs are reimbursed abroad up to the Dutch rate. With the package ‘Europa’ and ‘Wereld’ you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises during your trip within or outside Europe.

Alternative care is increasing in popularity. Univé is also responding to this and offers two packages that meet your care needs depending on the frequency with which you visit an alternative care provider.

Finally, Univé offers two additional dental insurance policies with the Univé Select policy.

Do you opt for the basic insurance variants ‘Geregeld’ or ‘Vrij’? In that case, you can extend the basic insurance with the following additional insurances:

Dental insurance

At Univé you can also choose from three different supplementary dental insurance policies. These are called: good, better and best.

1. Univé dental insurance Goed
This includes 100% reimbursement for check-ups and 80% reimbursement for all other dental treatments with a maximum of 250 euros.

2. Univé dental insurance Beter
This also includes a reimbursement of 100% periodic check-ups and 80% other treatment costs, but with a higher maximum, namely 500 euros for dental care. Orthodontics is also included.

3. Univé dental insurance Best
This package includes a reimbursement of 100% periodic check-ups and 80% for all other treatments with a maximum of 1000 euros for dental care. And a reimbursement of up to 1500 euros for orthodontics.

The extra service from Univé

In addition to the standard basic package and the supplementary insurance policies, there are additional services that you receive with a health insurance policy from Univé.

These additional services are:

  • Waiting list mediation. This means that you will receive care faster;
  • 24/7 free medical advice line;

Discounts at Univé

If you have health insurance with Univé, you can get a discount when purchasing glasses, lenses and aids.

Contact details

Contact information
Email info@unive.nl
Post PO Box 15, 9400 AA Assen
Facebook Facebook.com/unive
Twitter @Unive

Website of Univé

Sustainability Univé

To what extent can the investments of health insurer Univé be labelled as sustainable? The VBDO (Association of Investors for Sustainable Development) has investigated this. In the survey ‘Responsible Investment by Insurance Companies in the Netherlands 2019’, Univé scores a 1.8 on a scale from 1 to 5. Among other things, The VBDO examined the policy regarding people and the environment.

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