Additional liability insurance

A normal liability insurance covers the damage that you accidentally cause during normal daily activities. In the event of damage, such liability insurance requires you to know exactly what happened, who was present and what exactly was damaged. If this damage has arisen during “unusual” situations, normal liability insurance may not cover this. Also, not all liability insurance policies cover damage incurred outside the country where the insurance was taken out. Additional liability insurance can offer the solution in this case.

Liability insurance during sports

Liability insurance therefore only pays out if there is a liability. This is done by including all circumstances in that consideration, such as normal manners and actions. If damage has occurred during sports activities, the sport and game rules of the sport in question must also be considered when determining the liability.

High-risk sports

If you voluntarily participate in certain high-risk sports, a liability insurance per sport and the relevant rules of play will determine whether you will be paid out or not. This may depend on the sport. Some examples of sports where exceptions can be expected are:

  • Diving sports
  • Skydiving
  • (kite) surfing
  • Skiing

These sports are a number of examples of (individual) sports that can be considered risky by insurers. You can take out an additional liability insurance for those situations. Sometimes this can be done through the organization itself and in other cases the insurance company has an option to take out a supplementary insurance. Ask your sports club or an insurer about this.

Fighting and team sports

In martial arts such as boxing and karate or team sports such as football and basketball, the allocation of liability can also be problematic. You can expect some punches during boxing, but it is impossible to prove whether your opponent intentionally hit your nose hard and broke it, or if this happened accidentally. A tackle while playing football is not uncommon, but it is difficult to prove whether this happened in the heat of the game or whether an opponent intentionally wanted to injure you. If intent for an insurance company cannot be excluded, the damage will not be compensated in most cases. Therefore, when practising these sports, it may also be wise to take out additional liability insurance.

Liability abroad

Not all liability insurance policies provide worldwide coverage. When you go abroad for some time it is advisable to find this out in advance. Supplementary liability insurance with cover abroad can prevent you from being confronted with high costs if you unexpectedly cause damage to something or someone during your stay. This includes, for example, the damage that can occur to a rented holiday home due to a fire or flood.

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