Basic home contents insurance for students

You probably already have a lot going on the moment you start your studies. This does not take away the importance of thinking about a home insurance policy. The value of your household properties can quickly increase, even though you only have a small student dorm room. You might own a television, a laptop for your studies, and so on. Continue reading for more information about the student home contents insurance.

What is a student home contents insurance?

With home insurance you are insured for damage caused to your belongings. This often involves damage caused by external causes, such as burglary and fire. The term your belongings refers to all items in your home and garden, for example, furniture, small pets and bicycles. Cash is not covered under this policy.

Coverage for student home contents insurance

It is important to think beforehand about which items you want to cover with a home insurance policy. Many insurers offer three types of cover. The difference between the coverages lies in what causes of damage are reimbursed.

1. Extensive coverage:

By default you are often covered against fire and burglary. With a comprehensive contents insurance you are further insured against damage caused by:

  • Smoke and soot
  • Nature violence like lighting and storm
  • (Attempt to) burglary and vandalism
  • Water (for example caused by breaking an aquarium or a leaking waterbed)
  • Shards of broken windows and mirrors
  • A tree or crane falling onto a house

2. Extra intensive home contents insurance

The most used home contents insurance is the extra extensive contents insurance. An extra extensive contents insurance offers the same coverage as the extensive contents insurance, with the addition of damage that has been caused by:

  • The melting of goods
  • A power failure (products that you have in the fridge or freezer for example during a power failure)
  • Precipitation (a flood that causes water damage in the house)
  • Repair work on pipes (Damaged caused by broken water pipes for example)

3. Most extensive home contents insurance

The most extensive insurance offers the greatest coverage for your household properties. We also refer to this insurance as all-risk home contents insurance. This means that all unexpected causes are covered by the insurer.

There are, however, a few exceptions to the coverage of this home contents insurance. In the following cases the insurer will not pay in case of claims:

  • Earthquake
  • War
  • Atomic nuclear reactions

Conditions of insurers

The terms and conditions of the home contents insurance may vary per insurer. The coverages listed above are not always offered by every insurer. Insurers can create their own conditions in which they indicate that certain causes of damage are not covered. It is useful to carefully study the terms and conditions of a home contents insurance policy before making a choice.

Monthly premiums of student home contents insurance

When you take out home contents insurance policy you must indicate a certain amount to which the damage will be reimbursed. This is the insured sum and indicates the value of your belongings. This amount partly determines the amount of your premium. In addition, the following can affect your premium:

  • The region in which you live
  • The security of your home
  • The coverage that you choose
  • The voluntary deductible

The cheapest insurer can have strict conditions regarding the payment of a compensation, so pay attention to this before you take out insurance.

Student home contents insurance

Many insurers offer special packages for students because the home contents of students generally differ greatly from those of an average family. You as a student can thus benefit from a low monthly premium. You will find an overview of low-cost home contents insurances for students at the top 5 home insurance policies page.

Intrusion statistics for the Netherlands

Figures from Statistics Netherlands show that the number of home burglaries in the Netherlands is still increasing. Student dorms are loved by burglars as well, because of the many laptops and other loose equipment. In recent years, the number of resolved cases has increased slightly, but still, more than 90 per cent of the burglaries are never resolved. The chance that you get your stuff back after a burglary is therefore very small.

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