Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

It is quite possible that you have uncertainties about student travel insurance. The topic is quite complicated, especially if you come from a foreign country and are used to a different system. This page discusses the frequently asked questions regarding student travel insurance in the Netherlands.

What is cheaper? An annual or short term period travel insurance?

This depends on the number of times you go on holiday each year and the length of your vacation. If you go on holiday for more than 3 weeks and more than 3 times a year, annual travel insurance is usually cheaper. We have a top 5 of annual travel insurances for students.

Am I double insured with health insurance and travel insurance?

A travel insurance can be seen as a supplement to your health insurance, because the health insurer only reimburses the costs abroad at the Dutch market for medical care. It is likely to happen that certain medical costs are much higher abroad than they are in the Netherlands. A student travel insurance gives compensation for these higher medical costs.

I have a car insurance policy, why should I take out additional travel insurance?

The coverage of a car insurance in the event of breakdown or an accident abroad is limited. In addition, you usually do not get a replacement car with a car insurance policy.

With additional travel insurance for transport assistance you often do get a replacement car. Furthermore, the insurance policy generally makes sure that your car is brought back to the Netherlands. If you are no longer able to drive yourself, a replacement driver is often arranged.

Is an accident during winter sports covered with travel insurance?

Ice skating and cross country skiing are usually covered by the basic coverage of student travel insurance, but accidents that happen while skiing or snowboarding are often covered by an additional cover for winter sports.

Can I also take out travel insurance if I go on holiday or leave for a weekend in the Netherlands?

A holiday or a weekend trip in the Netherlands is also covered by student travel insurance. It is important that you can show a confirmation of the booking of your holiday accommodation to prove that you were really on holiday in the Netherlands.

What is covered by my luggage?

The luggage that you bring with you on holiday is insured against damage, theft, loss and loss. Also, the luggage that you have purchased during your vacation is usually covered by student travel insurance.

Very expensive sports equipment such as diving equipment or golf equipment as well as equipment such as photo cameras and video cameras are usually not covered by the basic cover of travel insurance. You can take out additional travel insurance for this.

In which countries am I insured in Europe with a Dutch travel insurance?

According to insurers, the following countries often fall under Europe coverage:

  • The European countries

The countries around the Mediterranean that do not fall under Europe:

  • Canary Islands
  • Egypt
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Israel
  • Lebanon
  • Libya
  • Algeria
  • Syria
  • Russia
  • Belarus

The countries which are covered by the European coverage of Dutch travel insurance sometimes differ per insurance. You should therefore always check this in the policy conditions or ask the insurer.

If I do an internship abroad, does this fall under the basic coverage for travel insurance?

An internship, study or work abroad usually does not fall within the basic coverage of travel insurance. Many insurers offer insurance for a longer period of time especially for students who are staying for an internship or study abroad.

When and how can I take out travel insurance for students?

You can take out travel insurance just before you leave the Netherlands. You can even take this out at the airport just before you leave. If you have arrived at the address of your destination, it is no longer possible to take out travel insurance. You can usually take out travel insurance by telephone or via the internet.

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