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The HEMA, the Hollandsche Eenheidsprijzen Maatschappij Amsterdam, is a Dutch department store chain founded in 1926 by Arthur Isaac and Leo Meyer. The first store opened its doors in Kalverstraat in Amsterdam and quickly became well-known for its wide range of products and delicious smoked sausages. Nowadays, you can also turn to HEMA for various types of insurance, including health and travel insurance. This article will discuss HEMA’s travel insurance. In addition to the basic coverage of the travel insurance, you can add any additional coverages yourself at HEMA. This way, you can create travel insurance that perfectly suits your trip.

Directly to HEMA

Advantages HEMA travel insurance

  • Possibility to get custom coverage at a relatively low premium
  • Standard winter sports and underwater sports coverage

Disadvantages HEMA travel insurance

  • Deductible of €100,- for damage to luggage
  • Not possible to opt for a short-term travel insurance

Basic travel insurance package

At HEMA it is only possible to take out a continuous travel insurance. The basic package provides you the following coverage:

Basic Package
Personal assistance & extraordinary costs Up to the actual cost
Maximum days Up to 60 days
Coverage area Choice between Europe or Worldwide
Baggage Max. €2500,- per insured person (€100,- deductible)
Winter sports & underwater sports Assistance and extraordinary costs covered up to actual cost. The winter or underwater sports equipment is covered up to €1250,-
Monthly premium Europe: €1.47 per month
Worldwide: €2.67 per month

The HEMA travel insurance is a continuous travel insurance. That means it’s valid all year round for all the trips you make, as long as you don’t travel for more than 60 consecutive days. The travel insurance is also valid for trips and weekends away within the Netherlands. If you decide to take out travel insurance at HEMA, you need to determine in advance whether the coverage will only be valid in Europe or also outside of Europe. For example, when planning to go to Australia, you will need to opt for Worldwide coverage. You will then pay a higher premium.

Overview of additional coverage

The additional coverage of the HEMA continuous travel insurance can be taken out if the coverage of your basic package is not sufficient for you. Perhaps you are planning to dive during your beach holiday or you are going to engage in another dangerous sport. Check out all possible additional modules below:


Cancellation module coverage

For 1 insured the max. compensation is €1500,-


Extra €2.42 per month

Do you have to leave your trip (prematurely) for an urgent reason, such as illness or losing your job? With the additional Cancellation coverage, the travel sum you have insured and any unused travel time when returning early are reimbursed.

Medical Costs

Medical costs coverage

– Additional medical costs abroad, above the Dutch rate, are reimbursed at cost price;

– Dental costs due to an accident up to a maximum of €300,-.


Europe: €0.38 extra per month
World: €0.81 extra per month

If you end up in a hospital abroad, your health insurance will reimburse you at the rate applicable in the Netherlands for the necessary treatment. In certain countries, such as Switzerland or the United States, healthcare costs are significantly higher. In those instances, this module is of great importance. Beware of over-insurance: it is also possible to insure additional medical costs through your health insurance.

Vehicle Assistance

Vehicle breakdown

Breakdown due to theft, mechanical failure, an accident, or fire. In this case, the reimbursement is up to a maximum of the cost price.

Roadside assistance

Up to a maximum of €125,-

Vehicle recovery or repatriation costs

Max. cost price up to the maximum value of the vehicle

Driver incapacity

Deployment of replacement driver or use of car transporter up to a maximum of the cost price

Continuation of journey & return journey costs

Max. cost price (public transport)


€1.17 extra per month

Did your car break down on the road? Or did your vehicle fail due to an accident and can’t it be repaired within two days? In this case, the emergency service will assist you with a replacement vehicle, and any additional accommodation costs may also be eligible for reimbursement.


Accident coverage module

In case of permanent disability resulting from an accident during travel, max. €70,000,- will be reimbursed. In case of death, this is max. €25,000,-.


€0.36 extra per month

Though going on vacation is not typically associated with the various risks of travelling, it’s good to take a moment to think about it. An accident can occur unexpectedly, during the journey or during the activities you undertake while travelling. The accident insurance covers the financial consequences of permanent disability or, in the worst case, death.



If you carry cash or even checks, you can include them in your coverage up to a max. of €250.-


€0.56 extra per month

Additional Services from the Travel Insurer

At HEMA, you can conveniently use the switch-over assistance. The switch-over assistance ensures a smooth transition to HEMA as your travel insurance provider. You are helped with a prescribed termination letter format by filling in the data of your former travel insurance.

Discounts from the Travel Insurer

Currently, there are no noteworthy discounts known from travel insurance provider HEMA.

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